Digital Printing Infrastructure

  • Long sheet option up to 26 inches/660 mm —we’ll be able to print 6-page brochures or 3-up A4/letters. KODAK NEXPRESS HD Dry Inks and Developers provide vibrant colors and consistent spot color matching, smooth flat fields and gradients, and the unique ability to match the ink laydown gloss level to the substrate being printed.
  • Matte Finish Option – allows you to expand your array of finishes ranging from matte to satin to high gloss. Enabling the matte finish is a simple, fifteen-minute component change. The result is a rich aesthetic effect that rivals offset.
  • Light Black introduced as the newest addition to our award-winning 5th imaging unit solutions – yielding smoother skin tones while maintaining superb detail ideal for B&W images, pastels, producing smooth tones, while improving highlight and shadow details.
  • The NEXPRESS SX Platform features Print Genius, a suite of quality control tools and options that help you manage and maintain peak quality throughout your production run. The Print Genius quality suite encompasses hardware, software and materials science innovations to optimize quality and consistency from the first sheet to the last, day after day. Closed-loop calibration: Five minutes is all it takes to analyze output and feed critical data back to the system for closed loop.
  • Color calibration, helping you optimize quality with minimal downtime. The unique KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Calibration System (ICS) automates the process of checking and maintaining print uniformity.

Model Description Flexibility Speed
SX3300 KODAK NexPress SX3300 Maximum Sheet Size 14″ x 26″ 5-color print engine, 60-350 g/m2 3,300 Sheets per hour